Welcome… back!

That intermission ran way too long.

Little Theatre has staged productions since 1923, through a Great Depression, a World War, and a devastating flood. Never have we shut down for nearly an entire season. One day in March of 2020 we were enjoying a wonderful production of The Wedding Singer, while COVID storm clouds gathered. Opening night turned out to be closing night as well: good judgement and governmental restrictions shut us down the next day. We re-wrote our season several times, always hoping for the best, as we in community theatre do, but it was not to be. Like so many other life events, large and small, the Little Theatre 2020 season will be forever marked *coronavirus.

Our hearts go out to friends and neighbors who suffered the effects of the pandemic. Unlike so many other enterprises, we were able to weather the storm, with the help of friends, foundations, and local government. We are grateful. Sadly, we have been unable to fulfill our mission of bringing “Broadway in Your Backyard” to the region. Now, we’ve returned to that mission with renewed energy and a firm hope that live theatre can once again be viable in the “new normal.” We welcome you to join us, in a clean and safe Little Theatre.

It’s been way too long. We missed you.

Thank you for your support,

David C. Parmelee
General Manager

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