Beauty and The Beast Jr.

We have two casts this summer as more than 70 kids registered for our workshop in under 10 minutes. We are excited to provide this opportunity to our community.

Without further ado, our casts of Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Belle: Hannah Draus and Kristina Taddei

Beast: Zander Feist and Jesse Kosierowski

Lumiere: Abbigail Schultz and Gabriella Randazzo

Gaston: John Toussaint Jr.

Lefou: Madison Chacko and Jake Scholten

Mrs. Potts: Anna Brennan and Katie Stuart

Chip: Troy Miller and Mia Adelstein

Maurice: Jason Berlew and Derek Grymko

Monsieur D’Arque: Lauren Granteed and Ally Spangenberg

Cogsworth: Benjamin Gruden and Mason Matthews

Madame de le Grand Bouche: Olivia Anderson and Kylie Nevel

Babette: Katie Zeyher and Cally Williams

Enchantress: Alyson Lenker

Prince/Bookseller: Yuannis Polemitis and Dennis Lee

Silly Girl #1: Olivia Robatin and Emma Christianson

Silly Girl #2: Lily Matthews and Rebecca Brandreth

Silly Girl #3: Emily Nowikowski and Elizabeth Draus

Silly Girl #4: Lyla Atie and Sammie Stella

Silly Girl #5: Aubrey Sperrazza and Mia Sperrazza

Silly Girl #6: Amelia Pileggi and Ava Glynn

Narrator #1: Clare Grenevich and Julissa Barra

Narrator #2: Isis Walts and Lily Grymko

Narrator #3: Julia Prutzman and Dacyn Koretz

Narrator #4: Dallas Fernandez and Malachi Armstrong

Ensemble: Adam Dupre, Paige Watkins, Harper Coursen, Emma Gulich, Dylan Norvell, Kara Norvell, Hunter Walts, Sylar Walts, Alivia Serkosky, Alice Hopa, Grace Ossowski, Olivia Craze, Reagan Miller, Cami Ragukas and Abby Apolinaro

Featured Dancers: Sarah Gallagher, Ava Nitch, Ella Stettler, Alyson Lenker and Leilany Cruz

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