LTWB Town Hall

An open invitation to everyone in the NEPA theatrical community.

We are proud to announce that LTWB will be holding a TOWN HALL meeting at the theatre Wednesday April 5th.

The last Town Hall was very helpful, and a lot of great things came out of it. Our area is small and close-knit. Community theatre is so strong here. Many of us have worked together. Those who have served on theatre boards appreciate the challenges we face. Little Theatre has been doing good work for a long time, and has big plans for the near future. The Town Hall is a welcome chance for us to hear how we can do better. We hope to see you there.

Thank you for listening, and we look forward to listening to you.
David Parmelee – General Manager
Walter Mitchell – GM Emeritus
Scott Colin – Artistic Director
and the entirety of the Board of Directors of LTWB

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