Three Romances About MacBeth

This is the first in an annual series of one-act evenings at the newly air-conditioned Little Theatre! Two of the linked one-acts were staged at Scranton Fringe ‘17. The third will premiere here. Some cast from the previous production will return.

I: Spots-Be-Gone
Two would-be lovers, cast in Macbeth, meet by chance in a laundromat next to their small community theatre the night before opening. Though their attraction is strong, continual interruptions by still-rehearsing cast members next door threaten to kill the mood. Will budding love survive the Curse of the Scottish Play?

II: The Charm Wound Up
Two ex-lovers, actors whose romance went up in flames during a production of Macbeth a decade ago, are duped by a clever stage manager into a meeting about reviving the play to save the struggling theatre. Old wounds are re-opened and old passions re-ignited. If the show goes on, will ill-fated romance be re-kindled?

III: The Yellow Leaf
A long-divorced couple, close to retirement, meet at a cast party. Decades ago, they played Macbeth and the Lady. He wants to audition again, but dreads the challenges of the role, and asks for her help. Unexpectedly, a voice from the past bolsters his confidence, and perhaps his chances.

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