Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre looks forward to celebrating its 100th season in just three years. Only a few others share that record. Our first season was 1922. Warren G. Harding was President. Eugene O’Neill, a hot young playwright, won the Pulitzer Prize.

We were a nomadic group then, performing at venues such as Irem Temple. In 1955 Little Theatre bought the North End’s Sterling Theatre, a beautiful movie house built in 1941, and renovated it for live performances under the supervision of Walter Mitchell, Sr., father of Walter Mitchell, Jr., our General Manager Emeritus. It has been our home since, and remains largely unchanged; the showcases in our lobby once held posters for The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca.

Life was easier in those days for a community theatre, when a night out at a play was a black-tie occasion. Competition for audiences was scarce. Today, our region boasts many permanent community theatres and hosts professional touring companies, in addition to the unlimited choices on broadcast and online media.

We in Northeastern Pennsylvania are a close-knit community. I grew up here. My wife and I returned to raise our family. We know firsthand the important role the arts play in our area. I am grateful to have contributed to local theatre, especially the Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre.

Your visit encourages us: you enjoy live theatre, and care about its future. We at Little Theatre, who are devoted to excellence in our craft, are grateful. Thank you for your patronage. We invite you to help behind the scenes.

If you can, please consider donating or sponsoring a production. Without you, we couldn’t have made it this far. With you, we can look forward to our 100th season with joy. It is our pleasure to bring you Broadway in Your Backyard!

Thank you for your support,

David C. Parmelee
General Manager

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